Introduction 简介

First of all, Who is this weeb?!

Well, this guy is just an ordinary weeb. Nothing more, nothing less. He was inspired by this character named Akasaka Ryuunosuke from the anime The Pet Girl of Sakurasou and became a programmer. One of his lifetime goals is to recreate the AI Maid Chan from the series.

这人只是一个普通的宅。没啥特别的。受到动画 《樱花庄的宠物女孩》中的赤坂龙之介这个角色启发成为了一位程序员。他的人生目标之一就是还原动画中的人工智能女仆メイドちゃん(Maid-chan)。

Why am I here?!

Well… you are here because… how am I supposed to know?! You are the one who clicked on the link! This is the personal website for the weeb stated above. Here you can find his projects, updates, and contact information. You are here probably because you have something to do with him, or you are just a wanderer on the internet, or you might even be a web crawler! Whoever you are, welcome to this simple, but comfy room.

呃…你在这里的原因是…我怎么知道!是你点的链接啊!这个网站是上面提到的那个宅的个人网站。在这里你能找到他的项目, 更新, 和联系方式。 你来到这里多半是因为你有什么和他相关的事情,或者说你只是个在网络上的游荡者,又或者你甚至可能是个网络爬虫!不管你是谁,欢迎来到这个简单,但是温馨的小屋。